Suzanne Elvidge

Suzanne Elvidge is a writer and editor with around 20 years experience and is published on the web and in print. She specialises in writing on pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, healthcare, science, lifestyle and green living, but can write on any topic, given enough tea and chocolate biscuits.

She has spoken at international conferences on science, the media and responsible reporting, has taught courses on writing and editing, and on various healthcare topics, and has run writing workshops.

She lives in very rural Derbyshire with her second-hand bookseller husband (please note, the books are second-hand, not the husband), and in her (laughably rare) spare time she runs, reads, writes fiction and poetry, spins, knits and struggles to control three cats.

In 2007, one of Suzanne’s short stories was published in Read by Dawn Vol 2 and was performed at the Devils Night Evening of spooky storytelling on 30th Oct 2011 at Malloys Bath in Bath.

You can find out more about Suzanne by following her BLOG, viewing her WEBSITE or her LINKEDIN

Suzanne served as Chair of the WITP during 2011

WITP's Great Seal of Being in Charge for 2011.

Pieces by Suzanne:

Tree (micro fiction)


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