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Meeting Dates for Youth Group

Writers in the Peak Youth Group meet at 5pm at the Rutland Hotel in Bakewell.

Meeting will be held on the following dates

Thursday April 2nd

Thursday May 7th


Posted by: WITP | 5 February 2015

Youth Group Writers in the Peak

Attention Youth Writers age 14 – 18 years

Attention Youth Writers age 14 – 18 year.  Do you write?  Would you like to improve your work?

Then join our new group Young Writers in the Peak on the first Thursday of the month

Meetings will be held at the Rutland Hotel Bakewell

Next meeting of Youth Group Thursday 2nd April 2015  5pm – 6.30pm

Contact for more detail

Posted by: WITP | 5 February 2015

Meetings Writers in the Peak

Writers in the Peak meet at 7pm

most Thursdays at the Rutland Hotel in Bakewell. Please see below for dates of meetings.

Meetings will be held on


March  19th and 26th

April 2nd, 16th, 23rd and 30th

May 14th, 21st and 28th

Posted by: WITP | 31 March 2014

How to critique by Ali Betteridge

On the 20th March, the Writers in the Peak were honoured to have Ali Betteridge from East Midlands Writers as their guest speaker. She spoke about the importance of learning the art of good critiquing.

She suggests that writing groups should provide in-depth critques (only one or two per session), given to members well in advance of a meeting.

Here’s her outline:
First drafts. Initially focus on the story: Does it have a good hook, believable characters, engaging characters and, good dialogue? Is the content appropriate for its audience?
Genre Specific
Some forums to romancedivas forwardmotion

Sensitive critiquing
1. The critique needs to be directed at the writing, not the individual, so it doesn’t end up being personal.
2 Specifically refer to the aspects of the writing you like, and the things that need to be improved.
The char should summerise the critques made.

RULES for Critiquing.
– Always be positive
– Always give honest and constructive criticism
– Listen Carefully and wholely
– Accept constructive criticisms
– Ask for Clarification
– At the end of Critique take away what you have learned and reflect on the information given
– Redraft

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