Maybe you would hear them – Jenny Bridge

Old Poets Corner is a popular pub in Ashover, Derbyshire. It’s name comes from the
rumoured meetings in the previously named Red Lion where poets and story tellers met
and shared their work.

Old Poets Corner
Here, words hang in the air like gathering birds
Waiting to begin their journey.
If you could come here in a silent moment,
A midnight moment,
Maybe you would hear them.
Hear the soft spoken syllables,
The strident stanzas,
The melodious metres.
For here it was, in this room,
That old poets met to share their alchemy.
They that strived to turn thoughts into substance,
To capture fleeting glimpses of intense wisdom
And preserve them on the page.
Making music out of syntax.
Weaving dreams into rhythms.
Their heads forever filled with words.
Words jostling, twisting, teasing,
Perfect, eloquent words that fled.
Trivial, trite words that would not leave.
Their brains grappling with eternal truths,
Attempting to express them in new and shocking ways.
Trying always to surprise, to challenge, to comfort, to explain.
Constantly steering an uncertain path between
The drab banality of cliche
And the futility of pompous, opaque verse,
Communicating nothing.
Peace can never be theirs until the final breath.
Until the brain fades, the turmoil ends.
The body crumbles
And is laid to rest under slabs of drear doggerel covered marble.
Yet they are the ones who win eternal life.
Their words live on, their souls revealed.
Hush! In a silent moment you may hear them for yourself



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