Glutton Bridge – Pam Booth

“Four hearts”   she announced triumphantly.   “Four spades”  came from her left hand.   She was horrified and willed George to do something.  “No bid”  he said firmly.   “No bid”  came from the right.   She couldn’t possibly leave it, it was the last game and everything hinged on her winning.   Again she looked at her hand, George had replied so there was at least 5 tricks in his hand, could she finesse twice, she had to risk it.   “Five hearts”.   There was a swift round of passes and it was hers.

She tried v ery hard to make her body language exude confidence, but inside she was terribly nervous.  Her hands were clammy and the cards stuck to them.   George had always let her down.  They had been married for over 30 years and she had realised early on that it had been a terrible mistake.   They had two boys, but they had now grown up and left home and they hardly ever came back to see her.  They now had little in common.   John had said that she wasn’t interested in them , only her cards.   The cards certainly were a release for her.   Housework had never been her interest and George had indicated that it was beneath him for her to go out to work.    She had visited the Bridge Club one evening out of boredom when George had been away on business and had been smitten.

So, now  she was  the Captain of the team and also Chairman of the Club.   It was a real position of responsibility and she preened and felt important for once in her life.   This game had to be hers.

The first trick was lost to the ace of spades, but the next 5 tricks were  hers.   When George had laid his cards down her heart had missed a beat.  As usual he had given her the wrong reply.   He could not meet her eyes as she had glared at him.   “ Never mind” he thought, it was only once a week for appearances sake, as far as he was concerned.     There was a business meeting arranged  next Monday, so that gave him 2 weeks grace.

He had a new  secretary who was turning  out to be more than a secretary;  and now Irene and he had become very good friends.   He hoped  that things would accelerate to something more, and soon.

Intimacy had become a thing of the past with Jean and this time things looked promising with his secretary.

“ I think that is 2 down”  The opponents almost crowed.   “200 to us”.    Jean stared at George.   She could hardly speak to him.  She had been showed up in her own club.

“It was the cards”  he tentatively said.    “Rubbish”  she said almost weeping with shame.   They drove home in silence and she went straight to bed.  George switched on the TV for a while and enjoyed the pleasure of time on his own.

The next morning George had a spring in his step.  He was going to a conference in Bristol for 3 days and he was to meet Irene at the station.   He felt the excitement of  a school boy on holiday.    “I’ll see you on Thursday”  he planted a peck on her cold cheek and was out of the house as quickly as he could and headed for the car.    Jean was on the phone planning a Bridge game for that very afternoon and didn’t notice or even reply.

After carefully parking the car at the station in a corner spot, so as to avoid at least one side getting scratched, and under a light, to avoid theft, George looked around for Irene.     There she was, looking very trim and to his eyes sexy too.   He had made careful plans.    There were condoms in his brief case and aftershave and gentleman’s products too.  This was going to be a good trip.

They travelled on the train together in relative silence but every so often he glimpsed at her and she at him.  Yes, it was going to be good.

Arriving at the hotel their separate rooms were only a few doors apart and he noted her number when they collected their keys.    There was a collective dinner and they mingled with the other companies to discuss business.    Following dinner when he was getting very excited, Irene approached him..   “You play bridge don’t you?”   “Well a little, but not very well”   “That doesn’t matter Peter and Wayne want a four and I have agreed that we will play, won’t that be fun?”  “It will be something we can do together” she said as she took his arm and smiled at him.

“Good God“, he thought, he had only found another woman who was a Bridge Glutton

Pam Booth


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