Axe Edge – Lynda Aylett-Green

 ‘Lovers usually meet in shady places,’ she said.  ‘Woods, forests, parks. Why did you want us to meet here this time? We often go to those woods near Wildboarclough.’

She gave him a welcoming kiss, long and hard, her arms round his neck pulling him close to her.

When he drew away, he said ‘I needed somewhere emotional, wide spaces, somewhere dramatic.’

She cupped his face in her hands, ‘Like our love.’ She stroked his cheek, ‘I can feel emotional just listening to your messages on my mobile – the way you said let’s meet on Axe Edge, I felt like Kathy in Wuthering Heights, wandering the moors, yearning for love, and now  here …’

‘You don’t leave your phone lying around, do you?’ he broke in.

‘She smiled, ‘I keep it in my breast pocket always, in case you ring. Let’s walk over to those rocks and lie on the grass.’  She slid her hands inside his shirt, delighting in the play of his muscles as they walked.

When they reached the rocks he stood on the edge, gazing far out across the blue, grey distance that merged with the sky, sighing deeply.

She pulled him down beside her. ‘Yes, the air is wonderful. What a lovely idea to choose this magnificent spot – I shall remember it always. And you’re right, why should we hide away and skulk in the woods?’

He stood up again, his back to her, ‘I needed somewhere dramatic – to match my mood.’

‘Don’t go too near the edge,’ she warned.

He turned towards her abruptly. ‘That is just how I feel – on edge. On the edge all the time. My wife watches me and I can almost feel her here now, sad-eyed, reproachful. In the office I can’t concentrate. They know something is going on and they’d love to catch me out.’

She stood up and held him close, pulling him away from the edge. ‘Everything will feel better when we make love.’

‘No, darling. I can’t go on.’ He shouted this out over the rocky precipice. ‘I came here to tell you, I’m ending our affair before I lose my mind. Life is so fragile, so dangerous and … and complicated.  I really can’t go on.’

He heard her sob and she covered her face with her hands as though the sight of him looking at her so distantly was unbearable.

‘Careful, darling,’ he warned.  ‘Come away from the edge.’


Lynda Aylett-Green

Author profile and other work on Writers in the Peak website

Novels available on Amazon, in bookshops and Kindle



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