Lynne Colgrave

Once upon a time there was a young girl who loved making up stories. Usually, these tales involved selfless children (predominantly female) who went about their daily lives rescuing sick children and ill-used horses. It took many years before the girl realised that juvenile do-gooders have gone out of fashion and since been replaced by super-heroes and vampires. Although her poetry still hinges on the Victorian, her prose is gradually becoming more light-hearted and, at times, even humorous (in a dark sort of way).  Since retiring from teaching, she has studied for an MA in Creative Writing, begun a writers’ group and has, latterly, joined Writers in the Peak which is proving to be a wonderful resource in terms of practical advice, literary criticism and self-publishing. Thanks to W.I.T.P. she is now exploring other, less depressing genres and, who knows, one day may actually get around to publishing one of the three novels still languishing in her desk drawer.

A Walk Through the Botanical Gardens

Elegy to a Barn Owl



Huckleberry Finn

Little Mester

Masai Girl

The Angler

Search Me

Sunshine, strawberries and stars

Young Soldier

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