Lynda Aylett-Green

I am by profession a French and Spanish teacher but after a couple of decades in comprehensives and colleges I am now concentrating on writing. I live in Wensley near Matlock and have two grown-up children.

I started by writing articles and had some published in The Guardian, The Observer, Times Ed. and some magazines. While travelling in Extremadura, Spain, I discovered a mansion built by the Emperor Moctezuma’s descendants and this was the inspiration for my first novel An Aztec in Spain. This is a ‘faction’ novel, as the main characters existed, but did the Aztec princess travel to Spain?

The idea for A Topiary Garden, another ‘faction’ novel, came when I was researching an article on topiary. Elvaston Castle near Derby has always been famous for its topiary, but I was even more fascinated by its colourful inhabitants in the 1830s. The story has a strong gardening theme, as all the landed gentry were competing to create Romantic Gothickry.

My next idea probably comes from Norfolk, where the old Norwich library burnt down and is now the Anglia TV centre. It was said to be an accident – but was it really?


A Topiary Garden

Abandoned with two illegitimate children; forced to sue for Breach of Promise,she was determined to concentrate on heracting career and ignore Regency society.

In the 1820s Maria Foote was a successful Covent Garden actress yet her affairs with the aristocracy left her with two children, the scandal of a successful Breach of Promise case and the insecurity of public acclaim. She feared that the promises of the notorious dandy, Lord Petersham of Elvaston Castle in Derbyshire, were not to be trusted.

Yet the dandy and his gardener, William Barron, created one of the most famous gardens in England. Would life in a castle be dramatic enough to tempt a flamboyant London actress?

ISBN 978-184426-995-2 Available from bookshops and Amazon


An Aztec in Spain

Her father, the Emperor Moctezuma, had thought that Spaniards were gods from the East, but the Princess found there were no gods in Spain. She found only a corrupt court, an absent warring king, the Inquisition
Cáceres, and his daughter is a national heroine in Mexico., and adventurers like her one-time lover Cortés. She would take revenge for his conquest of her people and kill him.  Moctezuma’s descendents built a mansion in Extremadura which still stands today in the town of

ISBN 978-07552-0477-9 Available from bookshops; Amazon and as an e-book

Short Stories by Lynda

Axe Edge


Wordsworth in Darley Dale


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