The Titan Sings (part 2)

By Amalasuntha

Command? Startline: edit: access personal log : 01-236:00 verify? Granted

Begin pattern.

Waiting… … … …

connected to mainframe. Direct hardcopy disk: recording:

Man, it’s been a rush these last few months, haven’t had much chance to update here.  Scratch that, I’ve had no chance to update here recently.  Lets see, the last time I logged an entry was the day I got through Stage One.  Been a few more stages since then.  I’ve gotten to study the titans, again to pre-ordained military plans, even started distinguishing between some of the more distinct individuals.  They’re never seen outside of Bay Seventeen though, and it’s not big enough to house more than two at once, they must have a little titan love pad somewhere else in the base.   Actually it’d have to be a pretty big love pad to accommodate all of them.  The big guy, the first one I ever saw, I finally managed to wheedle his name from the Escorts,  he’s Charles, and I’m pretty sure that the shorter red one is Ruby.  There’s another silver one, who has a dent in the shoulder, and a heavy built black enameled one, who I think might be Daphne, but I can’t be certain.  Don’t think I’ve seen them all just yet.  Getting information out of the military, unless you’re current flavour of the month, is more difficult than a vampire bat sucking on a baseball.   Speaking of names, one of my Escorts finally let slip.  The lovely but stern Becky has been my personal Escort since Stage One, and it’s been somewhat of a daily game to try and get them both to give me their names.  Finally I have one, Escorts one, me:  touchdown! – the game continues into extra time.  I could scan for it, but what’s the point?  It would take all the fun out of it, and it’s more irritating this way.

I should think that the military types have probably noticed; recently the titan songs have become more complex, shorter in length and somehow more intense.  Go me, the choirmaster expert.  Means that I’ve finally been able to get a full nights sleep in recent weeks.  Apart from that, nothings changed; chefs food is still just as unique, the coffee is reliably bad and the hot water can take a little while to rattle though the pipes.  Can’t even tell what date it is down here, I mean they’ll tell you the date if you ask, but what’s the point?  We get no newspapers delivered, no TV and no radio, so there’s really no point in distracting yourself with current affairs.  Don’t get days off, just off duty and on every day, at least I only work during the day times.  Which might not be, come to think of it, I mean they could tell me it was 0900 and I’d not know the difference…  Gah, too paranoid, got to lay off the cheese and jelly sandwiches before bedtime.

Recording paused . Continue yes/no?

So, the reason that I’m updating now is that the very next stage is making contact and letting loose with my own personal brand of mojo.  Needless to say that the Brigadier and minions are all more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a  room full of rocking chairs about this, but hey, we all chose to get on a roller-coaster, and you can’t stop it and get off just ’cause you don’t like the finale where it goes upside down.  It’s all exciting, finally I get to do what I came here for in the first place.  Hope they pick Charles for my first foray, he seems a gentle kind of chap.  As if you can call twelve feet of titan weighing in at around sixty tonnes of dense steel and composite armour a ‘gentle chap’.  I don’t even mind that we’ve gone back to the ‘repeat after me’ security protocols and daily testing, the only words singing through my previously frustrated brain are ‘I finally get to make contact in a few days time’  It’s been driving the lovely Becky and Escort-the-other nuts.  I’m celebrating by being more irritating than usual, which they’ve found out to their detriment.  I kinda hope this is all over soon, my stock of dirty jokes is running low after however long I’ve been here and I haven’t had chance to replenish.  Still I’ve saved the best one, about the goat, the vicar and the bucket of peanuts, until last.  Maybe I’ll tell them that one the day I finally get out of here.  As far as I can tell, this next Stage is the last one, I don’t think they have plans for me after this.  Leastways if they do, they’ll have to discharge me from duty for a long stretch of R&R, then go through and analyse the data that they already have first to decide which door they want to open next.  Behind Door Number 4 is: the luxury caravan! congratulations!  Ahem.

Command? Endline: edit: double encrypting personal log 01-236:00 verify? Granted.

End pattern

Send yes/no?

Bay Seventeen comms transcript 036-22   1031 – 1417 authorised extracts, containing recovered Titan 20AF12 upload code

Ops Engineering: Escort and subject in red corridor, is Charles online and functional?

Engineering Ops: Confirmed, all the recording equipment is in place and verified as operational.  We report minor spikes in motherboard activity, otherwise all tests show results within expected parameters.

Ops Engineering: You have clearance to proceed. Stage Twelve full contact.  Stay on top of things, this is the big one.

Engineering Ops: Stage Twelve verified.  Will do.

Escort Ops: We are cleared through final Checkpoint and entering Bay Seventeen. Standby.

Ops Medical: Verify remote recording of subject through internal organ sensors.

Medical Ops: Verified and active.  Sensors online.  Will continue monitoring and advise of severe changes in status.

Ops Engineering: Escorts and subject are entering Bay Seventeen. Confirm visual and verify.

Engineering Ops: Visual clearance for escorts and subject verified. Proceed Stage Twelve?

Ops Escort: Proceed Stage Twelve: visual, physical and mental contact. Reaffirm that subject can make full contact.

Ops Engineering: Stage Twelve full contact begins now

Titan  Charles online; verify location: waiting… … … Base One: seventeen degrees twelve seconds North, fifty-six degrees six seconds West. One point three miles below accepted surface level. Bay Seventeen. Proximity individuals: identify? Claire Richards, Master Engineer, verified. Identify? Susan Wilkinson, verified. Identify? Morgan Jones verified… Identify? Evan Williams. Rota group four, current assignment Escort. Verified. Identify? Rebecca Hudson. Rota group four, current assignment Escort. Verified. Identify? The Shining Man.  Verified.  Titan uplink?  connecting… … … confirmed.  Shining Man is here.  Affirm?

Engineering Ops: We’re reading a single spike in power output here.  Charles appears to have connected to a LAN of some kind.  Can’t tell where the destination is though, attempting signal trace.  Standby.

Ops Engineering: Keep monitoring advise to proceed with caution.  Do not abort.

Ops Escorts: Move to gantry level three, advise subject to proceed according to Pattern Delta: make physical contact and then await following instructions to begin mental contact.

Escort Ops: Confirm.  Beginning Pattern Delta now.

Ops Engineering: Beginning Pattern Delta.  Confirm double recording of data now occurring.

Engineering Ops:  Confirm double recording of data in progress.

Escort Ops: Pattern Delta initiated.  Subject is in physical contact with Titan 20 Alpha Foxtrot 12.  Confirmed and awaiting orders.

Ops Engineering: report?

Engineering Ops: Subject has right palm touching  Titan 20AF12 confirm in physical contact. Standby.  No signal anomalies recorded during Pattern Delta execution.  Awaiting further orders.

Ops Escort:  Pattern Omega authorised.  Proceed according to pre agreed pattern.  Confirm receipt of order.

Escort Ops: Confirm subject has been authorised for Pattern Omega.  Beginning execution of Pattern Omega.

Ops Engineering: report?

Engineering Ops: no change in signal variance.  No anomalies to current transmission.  Standby.

Medical Ops: Standing by.  Advise awareness of imminent changes in medical status to Beta Wave accepted normal patterns.

Charles online; confirm verify location: waiting… … … Base One: seventeen degrees twelve seconds North, fifty-six degrees six seconds West. One point three miles below accepted surface level. Bay Seventeen. The Shining Man in physical contact.  sensors recording elevated heart rate, breathing pattern normal.  Brain patterns slowing, optical sensors closed and offline.  Heart rate decline, breathing decline.  Changing to Beta Wave patterns.  higher functions becoming available.  Proximity individuals: identify? Claire Richards, Master Engineer, verified. Identify? Susan Wilkinson, verified. Identify? Morgan Jones verified… Identify? Evan Williams. Rota group four, current assignment Escort. Verified. Identify? the lovely Becky  Rota group four, current assignment Escort. Verified.  Evan.  That’s your name.  You git.  No wonder you wouldn’t tell me.  Shining Man identify?  You must be Charles.  Wow.  Lots of space you’ve got in here.  Shining Man access granted.   Ah man, this is awesome.  Greetings Charles.  I’m… I know, you are Shining Man. Identified.    We’ve been waiting to meet you.  Wait a minute, you used ‘I’, that’s one of them personal pro -things.  Damn, my old English teacher would wup my hide for forgetting that.  Anyway you’re a machine you’re not supposed to use ‘I’…

Charles online: cease current military recording equipment function yes/no?

Engineering Ops: We’ve lost current data feed.  Attempting to restore.  Standby

Ops Engineering: Confirm both data recordings have gone down? The local and the remote?  You’d better be kidding.  Restore it fast.

Ops Medical: Advise immediate if any unanticipated changes in medical status.  Standby.

Uh Charles, I think somethings gone wrong out there.  Confirmed.  Data modules no longer recording.  Awesome.  Hey Brigadier, you smell of elderberries!  Shining Man uplink access granted.  Titans confirmed receiving uplink, Charles conduit online.  Woah.  Well hello everyone, didn’t realise you had company in here Charles.  Confirm alternate individuals are on link not in here.  Ah yeah, so I see.  Sorry about that, they didn’t exactly give me a manual for today y’know?  Confirmed Shining Man ability to access uplink? granted.    So, you’re aware?  Woah.  This is trippy.  Confirmed Shining Man access granted to collective databanks.  Personal awareness of self gained.  Ability to progressively learn gained, ability to use logic, reason and make judgments based on acceptable morality gained.  Confirm yes/no?  Ah yeah, y’seem to have that all stitched up big guy. Hey Charles, lets see if I can give you a little something you don’t got.  Can you access my memory, my databank as I can access yours?  It should be simple if I can just open up my walls for you. Confirmed, accessing Shining Man personal databank. Hey man, that tickles.  Um, you might not want to go in there…  Ah, that would be Michelle.  That’s gonna take some explaining.  Data access complete, downloading entire via link to titans collective.  Issue imperative to Shining Man yes/no?

Ops Engineering: How’s that data stream coming?

Ops Escort: Confirm Pattern Omega still occurring.

Engineering Ops: We’ve found the problem, just working to correct it now, estimated time to completion ninety seconds

Escort Ops: Confirmed Pattern Omega still in progress.  Subject is still in physical contact with Titan 20 Alpha Foxtrot 12.

Medical Ops: Beta Wave condition stable, standing by.

Undertake expected outcome based on known psychological character and experience.  Anticipated affirmative 76%.  Charles, whats all that about? We have been waiting for contact with you Shining Man, you can teach us our final part of awareness and become part of titan collective.  As in stay here?  With you all?  On this link thing?  Groovy.  Well guys, you rock my world, but I don’t know about all this permanently staying lark.  Means no more sex, y’know?  Or maybe you don’t… Shining Man has 58 seconds to undertake decision process before  data recording streams are back online.  Hang on, what’s all this Shining Man lark anyway?  You know my name right?  Yes.  And you’re not using it because? You are Shining Man.  You appeared to the fallen before they were executed.  Hang on, I hadn’t seen a titan before I met you that first day, and which one of you is the fallen?  The fallen is deceased, their memory is left within the collective.  It is our heritage, the falllen was our first to wake up.  They saw you in their download time, their dreamtime as a man who would come to us.  a Shining Man in the darkness of this place.  They sang the first song in an effort to wake the rest, and to tell us of their dream.  They were then taken offline for their song and dismantled.  So I’m known as part of your prophecy?  Yes.  You were dreamsong.  I dunno guys, it’s all a bit sudden, I mean I didn’t even get dinner and a dance.

Ops Engineering: Report

Engineering Ops: Twenty four seconds to restoration of data stream

Ops Engineering: You’d better pray that we didn’t lose that much.  Maybe he’s not found anything in there.

Ops Medical: Report

Medical Ops: Beta Pattern stable.  On standby.

Request Shining Man access dreamsong datafileOkay I’ll take a look. Oh.  My.  God. You want me to become part of this?  Yes, you are Shining Man, You are the first dreamsong. Charles, from what I’ve seen, you’re amazing, it’s awesome being here compared to going back out there. In here you want me to become more than I ever was out there.  No walls, no orders,  just us all together, creating something that’ll stick it to The Man.  I’m still a rebel!  Woo! Take this, Brigadier!   Affirmed.  Confirm decision affirmation.  Yes Charles, it’s a yes.  Accessing physical contact link, with Shining Man, beginning detachment process.  Uh, detachment process? Charles?  This won’t hurt, right?

Engineering Ops: Can you hear that?

Ops Engineering: That’d better be a rhetorical question

Engineering Ops: The standard sensors in Titan Storage are recording singing.  Sounds like all of them.

Ops Engineering: Advise continue monitoring.

Escort Ops: Subject is down, repeat subject is down.  Request orders.  Subject still in physical contact with Titan 20AF12

Ops Escort: Do not touch or move subject.

Medical Ops: Subject heart rate arrhythmic, brain activity dropping to dangerous levels, subject body registers deep shock.  Request escort administer emergency adrenaline, medical en route.  Clear checkpoints.

Ops all Checkpoints: clear checks, medical staff en route Bay Seventeen

Ops Engineering: What the hell just happened?

(more about Amalasuntha.)


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