The Little Dog

By Tony Greenfield

The door opened, just a little.
Mr Bizzy looked up but saw nothing.
He thought “Ah well, I need a little fresh air.”
He returned to his crossword.
Six down: “Murdered US president.” Seven letters.
“That’s easy,” he thought.  “Lincoln”.
Seven across “Digging tool.”  Six letters.
“Too easy,” he thought.  “Spade”.
“Can’t be,” he noted. “There’s no e in Lincoln.”
“Perhaps another president was murdered.”
A childhood memory whispered “Kennedy.”
“Well done,” he told himself. “I’m getting better.  I really am getting better and deserve to be manager of this one-man office.   But it will be good when I have a PA to keep me company and to admire me.”
“Woof,” said the little dog.
Mr Bizzy looked up but saw nothing.
But his crossword success had inspired him.  Just as there were at least two seven-lettered-murdered presidents, there might be at least two ways to look.  He looked down.
He saw the little dog and smiled.
“Woof,” said the little dog.
“Please come in and keep me company,” said Mr Bizzy.
“Woof, woof” said the little dog.
He closed the door and trotted over to an advertisement stuck on the front of an empty desk next to Mr Bizzy’s.  It appealed:      ”Help wanted.  Must be able to type, must be good with a computer and must be bilingual.  We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.”
“Woof,” said the little dog and pawdicated the advertisement.
“I see,” said Mr Bizzy.  “That would be very nice if only you could type.”
“Woof, woof” said the little dog and jumped onto the empty desk. Empty, that is, except for a typewriter, a computer, and a stack of stationery.
The little dog fed a sheet of paper into the typewriter and typed:

”Dear Sir,
Please consider me for the post of personal assistant to yourself.
Yours faithfully,
Little Dog.”
Mr Bizzy was amazed.  He sipped from a cup of cold yesterday’s tea and crashed his mind into gear.  Inspiration woke up.
“But the advertisement says you must also be good with a computer,” he said.
“Woof, woof” said the little dog, and moved to the computer.
Within only two minutes he had opened Excel and designed an accounts sheet for office services.
Mr Bizzy was more than amazed.  He was dumbstruck.  His mind was boggled.   His dumb was founded.
“What an intelligent and capable dog you are,” said Mr Bizzy.
“Woof, woof” said the little dog.  He cocked his head on one side,  lifted an ear and winked.
“And it is a real shame that I cannot possibly give you the job,” continued Mr Bizzy.
“Woof,” said the little dog. His ear flopped. His head cast down. He whined.
“I have to employ a person, a human, a man or a woman” said M r Bizzy.  “And you are a dog.  A very nice and wonderful dog.  But a dog, nevertheless.”
The little dog returned to the advertisement and pawdicate “We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.”
“Oh dear,” said Mr Bizzy.  “You certainly have a point there… But I have you now because the advertisement says  “’Must be bilingual’.”
The little dog cocked his head on one side lifted an ear and winked.
“Meow,” said the little dog.  And the little dog laughed.
He looked up at Mr Bizzy and grinned.
He tapped three times on the floor and said “Quack, quack.”
And the little dog just laughed and laughed and laughed.  He couldn’t stop until he’d wet the floor.
Mr Bizzy looked down and saw the puddle.
“After all, you’re just a very little dog,” said Mr Bizzy.

(More about Tony)


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