This arrived from a homework set at the Writers Group of ‘simple pleasures/ a simple pleasure’


This one is growlery.  It was my first word.  There have been many since, but my very first one holds a special place in my carefully pressed collection.  It’s held with inexpertly cut Sellotape, yellowed and curling with age, something I am now long past doing, so my fat lexicon becomes a way of seeing how my methods of conservation have changed with my knowledge of collecting words. I should really preserve it properly, but like a favourite toy surviving into its owner’s adulthood, the unintentional damage caused has become part of the charm.  Saying it, even though it’s saggy with well-intentioned age and really should have been patched by now- the ‘e’ is starting to collapse inwards noticeably and the ‘l’ lists like the roof of a child’s den created from a bed sheet- still brings a smile to my face.  Growlery.

I mean just think about it for a moment: is it a place you go to growl?  County Growlery: take next left in 3 miles.  Somewhere where adult growls live, laboriously build as a mating attraction or lovingly raise their little growls?  Can someone be described as growlery in appearance or demeanour for that matter?  He was tall, broad -shouldered with a splash of neat dark hair and a growlery look.  Carol tactfully decided not to bother him.

Is it a collective noun for something exceedingly bad-tempered which should be avoided– an autumn growlery of red-backed wasps?  A hurried warning of fast approaching diplomatic tension?  Careful Sers, the court is getting growlery, best you change the topic, or present your most sincere apologies. 

A particular hand in a card game?  He’s countered the challenge with a square eight, runs cleanly up to the faces, turning twice on the red jack, presenting a perfect growlery finish to beat his opponent. 

A mistake in Olympic diving?  His foot’s just outside the tuck, that’s a growlery mistake which will probably cost him the silver.  A country dance?  And here are the troupe, dressed in traditional colours and carrying their beribboned sticks, about to perform the traditional Spring Growlery to welcome the sun and bring fertility to the cornfields.  Some type of tide, or the name of a plant?  growlery Paraxia thrives on sandy soil and south facing sunshine, be careful to trim it back in autumn, and remove dead leaves when they begin to spot .  Maybe it’s a specific type of car accident – “oh, that’s a reight growlery one that is.  I’ll get my insurance details”

An especially hard climbing route, a description for wine – I’m getting notes of blackberry, pine, a hint of growlery at the back and plums rushing to the fore.

Maybe it’s a musical instruction growleri – play with surliness

I admit I don’t really know what it means, and perhaps that’s half the fun.  A simple pleasure, inventing what you may never know, and in so doing, the act of invention is a pleasure in itself.

This one has been growlery.  Pleased to meet you.


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