Fun in the Firmament

By Tony

The cat paused, poised, pointed and pounced. He flicked the mouse with a paw and skimmed it across the room. The mouse quivered and shivered, frozen to the spot. The cat enjoyed the fun. He knew he was entertaining us: a crowd of 12 year old boys. We cheered and the cat posed and poised, ready to pounce again. The cellar room of our boarding house was where we had our fun, watching the tormentor. He clearly knew he was our comedian. Perhaps the mouse thought he was one too because the cat always let him go. But the little mouse was clearly scared during the act. Despite that fear, or perhaps because of it, he seemed to us to love and worship the cat. The cat was a sadist. That was his nature; that was his life. He lived for the joy of his sadism. Without the mouse and the cheering boys, his life would be dull, a blank, an absolute bore.

God was in his firmament: black, empty and endless. He was bored.

“I need fun,” he said to himself (who else?). “I need entertainment, a good laugh.”

“Let there be light,” he said.

“Let there be life,” he said.

And people fought and maimed and died in great pain. They groaned and suffered from pestilence, war, famine, drought, earthquakes, tornadoes, twisters and tsunamis.
God clapped his nebulous hands in delight.

“O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”

He chortled in his joy.

“How tickled I am. I shall watch and enjoy this forever and a day”.

So here are we, cheering at the cat and his mouse.

(More about Tony)


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