Kath Aspinwall

Rather a long time ago, when I was eleven, my English teacher asked me to write about What I want to do when I grow up. I said that I wanted to be a writer and tried to explain why.My work was returned, much decorated with red pen, and the comment, You will have to do much better than this if you ever want to achieve your ambition.
Despite this disparagement, I have done quite a lot of writing in my career in education, and have more recently taken to writing short pieces of fiction and reflections on my past, or on odd issues that take my attention. I have also written a novel.
Becoming part of a writing group that includes such a variety of personalities and styles has proved to be both fun and encouraging – so unlike that teacher.
Self published  ‘The Unweeded Garden’ (srsly).

Kath was the Writers in the Peak Writer of the Year for 2011.

WITP's Great Seal of Being In Charge 2012


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