Gillian Shimwell

Grew up in the rural West Riding.

Studied at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Intermittent bursts of creative performance or teaching activity and two sons accounted for much of the next thirty-five years. Moved around a bit. One son escaped to live in Japan, but the other is back under the leathery maternal wing.

I am currently a tour guide at Haddon Hall, which involves seasonal dramatic side-effects, and an examiner for The London College of Music, which takes me to exotic climes and Manchester.

Writing is second nature but I have only recently been taking it seriously.


  1. Hello
    We are the Rural Crafts Group – meeting at the Farming Life Centre near Taddington.I am currently putting together out programme of demonstrators and speakers for our weekly meetings on Wednesday mornings from September 2017- 18. I was interested to see that you were a guide at Haddon Hall and in the process of writing a book.We would very interested to have a talk about Haddon but I am unsure who to contact with a request. Do you by any chance do talks too?I am a guide at Lyme Park myself and I do both tours and talks in the daytime and evenings to groups so I wonder if you did something similar.It would be a Wednesday morning from 10.30am hour or so and we have about 16 ladies who attend.I look forward to hearing from you.
    Chris Mellor

    • Hi Chris I’ve passed your message on to Gill so hopefully she will reply to you direct

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