Jane Calvert

I moved to this area and joined Writer’s in the Peak about a year ago and enjoy this friendly, welcoming group.  My work is mostly memoirs often with a humorous base although, like many others, I have other work written and stashed in a drawer !  Included are my Grandmother’s dairies given to me many years ago.  These are now partly edited and through advice acquired at WitP, I am now focused on self publishing.

Fiction has always been a stumbling block to me, but through attending Andrea’s workshops, I now feel I have some tools to develop my characters.  On these sessions I’ve amazed myself in producing some fiction at the drop of a hat, well done Andrea !
My home office contains a box of memoirs snippets, ready to write up and now joining it is a second box with ‘novel scribblings’.  I’m one of those who has ‘light bulb’ moments at silly hour am.  A pen and pad is often squirreled to the bathroom in the wee small hours for any jottings.

My employment background doesn’t include any literary work and whilst writing up memoirs I became aware that through my senior school life I was taught English by a mish mash of student teachers and often our P.E. instructress.  At WitP I enjoy our weekly ’homework’, learning also through the works of the other members.  It is good to know that you’re not the only one experiencing a variety of doubts and dilemmas, with a good group there’s always someone to give support.
I am looking forward to our newly formed critique group as an off shoot from the main.  Here in small groups we obtain a more in depth view of any project we are working on.  Again knowledge is gained from all taking part.
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