Flash Fiction


Each sample is exactly 50 words, excluding the titles which were three Writers in the Peak Homework Headings during 2016

‘Something to do with Miracles’

Ambulance trolley bypassed A&E straight into theatre. This must be serious.

No movement, feeling or hearing. Sight blurring. May be time to repent?

No more drugs, drink, gambling, loose women, speeding motorbike heroics.

In exchange, useable brain and limbs.

Nah! Perhaps not. No miracles God, just send me down there.


‘The Immigrant

Crouched, he waited in the darkness. When tapped on the shoulder he’d repeat the instructions before crossing the border.

Nothing left. Except his own life after years of his family’s religious persecution, hiding, arduous travelling by foot and boat.

Freedom within reach at last. A country offering asylum and hope.


‘Pet Story’

Not happy about being in this carry cage.

And this isn’t the way to walkies in the woods.

I remember last time this happened.

I don’t care how many treats they offer me. I’m not having that thermometer up my backside again without a chunk out of the Vet first.

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