Posted by: WITP | 2 October 2011

A Writers Greatest Fear?

Speaking or thinking as a writer, what is your greatest fear?  Is it that someone will criticise your work from a lofty, and presumably more advanced perspective?  Is it what your audience will think, or your first professional critique which tells you in no uncertains terms not to quit the day job?  The dreaded Writers Block?  That your friends and family will cheerfully think that you ought to be sectioned?  That your ideas which came to you in a moment of divinely inspired brilliance will be found to not be original ones?   That your work is doomed to remain unfinished?  That you can cheerfully write as an Olympic sport, but the thought of actually standing up and performing your work in public causes you to run and hide under the bed?  Or simply the utterly terrifying blank page?  Comments please on a piece of batter pudding…



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