Posted by: WITP | 25 September 2011

Something in the City/ this weeks challenge

Folks, pleased to report that a new piece has just graced our library:  Something in the City by Tony goes something like this:

‘Good morning, my dear chap. Take a seat. I must just finish these letters then we’ll talk.’

Presses button on recorder.

‘To Maysyurs Fowler and Tortoiseshell Limited. Dear Sirs Yours of the 27th ultimo to hand and we beg to advise you that we are able to meet your order number F stroke 451 stroke A 3 ex stock and will despatch per British Railways forthwith.’

Presses another button.

‘Have a cigarette. Damn that phone. Hullo. Petersdad speaking. Oh hullo dear. No you can’t have the car. No. I don’t give a damn what your mother says, you can’t have it. No I don’t know what time I’ll be home.

Read on HERE

Following on and inspired by, this weeks challenge is to write one side of a dialogue. Go write!



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