Posted by: WITP | 5 September 2011

Why writers should consider using Twitter

Thanks to Suzanne, our attention has been drawn to an excellent article on why aspiring writers should use micro -blogging sites.  You might think there’s no need to tell people about what you had for tea last night in a post of less than 140 characters, but think of it as a business networking tool and suddenly the great worth to an aspiring writer becomes clear.  You can take a read of the full article HERE

Speaking of electronic wonders, Tiro will be giving a talk on the wonders of the electronic world at some point after our AGM on 13th September.  It will cover the basics, such as how to use e-mail properly, and go right up to the dizzying heights of websites, blogs and micro-blogging sites, social networking sites, and lots of other interesting stuff which might just be of use.  So if Twitter is still temporarily taxing, facebook is farcically befuddling or e-mail is emotionally maddening, titter yet not, help is on the way 🙂



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