Posted by: WITP | 2 September 2011

New addition to the Library!

A new piece by Mid is now available in the library:

excerpt from ‘How to Heat your Home for Free’

I’ve been doing it since 1985.  Its good exercise for the right arm.  It brings me a great sense of relief and so far its never made me go blind.  You see, I’m a very lucky man.  My house has come with a couple of legacies: an open hearth in the living room and water-heating stove in the kitchen.  Scrounging firewood is one of the best ways of keeping fit, keeping warm and keeping from worrying about the rising cost of fuel bills.

Of course, back then, it wasn’t exactly something that attracted the same smiling approval from an environmentally-aware community as it usually does now.  Oh no, to be seen grubbing about beneath a hedge with an armful of faggots in those class-conscious days would inevitably illicit the same ignominious contempt as rifling through the maggot-infested dustbins outside your local burger-bar

You can read the rest HERE



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